Motorola Symbol LI4278 Scanner


Motorola Symbol LI4278 Scanner

Captures virtually all 1D barcodes on any surface, including mobile phone displays The Motorola Symbol LI4278 Scanner takes 1D barcode scanning to the next level, allowing workers to scan faster and farther. Workers can capture virtually any 1D barcode – including the typical barcodes that are printed on paper labels, electronic barcodes displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, tablet or computer that allows retailers to easily process loyalty cards, mobile coupons and more, and the high density (HD) barcodes commonly used in electronic component manufacturing. 100 percent UPC barcodes can be captured from near contact to over 30 in./76.2 cm away, while 200% UPC codes can be scanned at 55 in./139.7 cm away. Since the LI4278 can capture barcodes at extreme angles, scanning is easier than ever, so workers spend less time maneuvering the scanner and more time on task. And an optional cradle that enables presentation mode gives your workers the flexibility to use the scanner in handheld and hands-free modes.


  • 1″ to 31″ scan range on standard retail barcodes
  • Reads barcodes as small as 3 mil
  • 330 foot radio range
  • 547 scans per second scanning speed
  • 72-hour battery life
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